Mediation and your sun sign.

“If you don’t go within, you go without”

Carl Jung

I love Carl Jung, he is one of the pioneers of shadow work. What is shadow work you ask? Everyone seems to be talking about it these days, it’s almost become trendy. But to me, all it is, is making friends with, or simply accepting, your feelings you deem as “bad”. The big feelings that may have been to overwhelming as a kid to process, that someone shamed you for, made fun of you for, or that your caretakers had a hard time with themselves, so in turn they projected that on to you. But I digress, shadow work is a topic for another post. I’m actually working on a coaching offering that combines your natal moon placement and the planetary aspects to it, with what you need to nuture yourself and feel safe in the world, into a shadow work framework. To me, they are directly related. But anywhoodles, that will be coming soon… now on to the content for the day… mediation!

Mediation and your sun sign to be exact. I heard a passing comment the other day that air sings have trouble mediating.

I have never considered that, but it does make sense. My first reaction was…. ” Almost everyone I have met has trouble with mediation, including myself”. It is a practice, one that involves stillness and quieting the mind, things that us in the busy western world, are not taught to value. It takes time to cultivate, and a devotion to our journeys, to keep sitting with it, even on the hard days. People struggle with that.

But since I have been expanding my knowledge of the elements, fire, air, earth, and water, and their corresponding signs, I can see how different mediation practices would perhaps be beneficially to each sign.

Once thing I have learned these past 6 months, is that everyone’s journey looks different. Everyone is on a separate, yet connected journey, yes there are similar patterns and archetypes of humans behavior, but it is my believe that your soul is here on a mission, and each one requires different things. There are different lessons to be integrated, different values needing to be instilled and different layers to unfurl for each human. There is not a one size fits all approach with anything, and that included mediation.

Mediation is simply quieting the constant chatter of the mind, so you can heard the quieter knowing of you intuition, or the part of you that is connected to something bigger then you.

This can look different for everyone. Below I have outlined IMHO some ways that would work for the sun signs and their corresponding elements.

Fire Signs

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Sagittarius

The fire signs are a passionate bunch, lots of energy, drive and will power here. When they want something, they want it, when they go after something, they get it, and when they don’t think something is worth doing, they generally don’t do it.

I would say that the fire signs in order to get behind their mediation practice, they would have to identify with the “why” of why they are doing it? What is the bigger soul’s purpose here? What are they getting out of it, and what do they hope to accomplish.

Perhaps a quick journaling exercise, an intention setting practice, would be beneficial before a traditional seated practice, so they can get clear on what is their “why” even just for this specific practice , of what they are doing on their mat. Also another popular way of seated mediation is sitting in front of a flame, a concentration point. A physical mediation practice would probably also suit them, like a really fiery yoga practice or another form of exercise that gets them into their body, moving out the stagnant and stuck energies. A key is to just stay present in whatever they choice, when they catch their minds replaying the past or going to the future, to bring their awareness back to the moment.

Earth signs

  • Taurus
  • Virgo
  • Capricorn

Earth signs are goooood mediators. That denser earth energy has no trouble settling down onto that mat. I would say that the practice for them, would be to really stay present and succumb to the moment. To not let their to-do lists overtake their minds and to just really “be”. A quick stretching series or a brisk pre-mediation walk, would be useful. Or perhaps simply just a walking mediation, in nature , would really spark something inside of them. If you have never done forest bathing, I highly recommend it. Going for a 30-40 minute quiet walk in nature, and staying present with the expansiveness of it, will calm your nervous system, and remind you that you are indeed part of nature as well.

Air Signs

  • Gemini
  • Libra
  • Aquarius

Now THIS bunch… all that swirling energy whipping around, might find that traditional mat sitting difficult, unless they really were dedicated to it. Which of course they can be. My suggestion would be to keep their options open, a walking mediation , where they stay present , releasing the swirling thoughts that come in, into the world around them. Staying present with the left and right foot moving, and their breath going in and out, can keep you in the here and now. Perhaps a type of breath work to calm and center would also work. I would say that the air signs having a dedicated breath work practice would be really helpful for them, using all that air energy they inherently have to a good use. Or a seated mediation with a focal point of something rhythmically changing, such as waves crashes or a flame from a candle, or even a drum beat.

Water Signs

  • Cancer
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

When I think of the water signs, I think of both, a raging river and a deep blue, quiet alpine lake. Water has the ability to be sheer expansiveness of stillness as well as the pure destruction of a stormy sea. Water signs are synonymous of our emotions. And if you have ever tried to sit while emotions were raging in you, you know how hard that is, regardless of your sign. But this is the perfect opportunity, to just really notice and be with the sensation that are arising in you. Name them if you can, name how they are presenting in your body, what they feel like, look like , sound like etc etc etc. You will notice if you put your awareness on them, and keep a nonjudgmental attitude, they will subside. Your raging rapids, will settle into that deep expansiveness that water is also known for. If sitting with these feelings is difficult at first, some deep breaths, or humming sounds originating from your sacral or root chakras, will help you access that deep stillness inside of you.

Those are my thoughts, as always, take what you want and leave the rest. There is no one size fits all version of anything in life, so be courageous and try a few things out, be ok with changing course. Some things will work and some won’t. Even a “no” is a good thing, because it strengthens your “yes” even more.



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