Why I created the Soul Coach

Great question!

One I have pondered many nights. Why did I create this business? and for who? and what exactly am I offering.

These types of questions are the basis of a mission statement, which essentially this is.

I created this business to hold a safe space for people to transform, to be there to bring guidance, clarity and compassion to other’s journey’s , whatever they may look like.

We are all on different paths, we all have different desires, goals, challenges, life circumstances , but one thing we all have in common is we all need someone to cheer us on. Whether it is a friend, partner, parent, guide, coach, therapist, the title does not matter as much, as the fact that you are aiding with the growth of another.

When you are diving into the depths of your soul, things can get sticky, things will come up, things will get painful, you will want to quit, you will want to retreat back to your comfort zone, and it is easy to do when the people that love you and are in your life, see you one way, the old way. They see you how they have always seen you, how it makes sense to them , in relation to how they see themselves. They may love you, but they don’t always “get” what you are doing.

That is where I step in.

I believe that essentially we are our own best healer. No one else knows our specific needs, wants, and desires like we do, but we can’t always see the way forward, our blind spots block us, our limiting beliefs pop up in the strangest ways , and it’s easy to get discouraged and go in circles. I offer a structured container in which we make space for the body, mind and soul. It is safe to explore the parts of you that other people may not be able to meet. A person can only meet another person as deep as they have met themselves.

I have met myself in some deep places, other to discover that the majority of my fears, are false. They are my ego trying to keep me in the familiar ways of my past, growth and expansion are not what the ego is here for. That is where your soul comes in, that is all it wants for you. To expand into the most authentic version of you.

I want that for you as well.

And that is why I created this business.


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