Solar Return reading

First off… a what?

What is a solar return reading? Well another way to say it is….. Happy Birthday ! Whoot! Let’s celebrate:)

Your solar return is when the transiting, or current sun, enters into your natal zodiac sign, at the exact time of your birth. Similar to how your natal chart is a snap shot of the planets and other luminaries at the time of your birth, a blueprint of your life’s essence if you will … think of your solar return the same way, only instead of your entire life’s unique energies, it is just focused on the upcoming 12 months. This can be a good indicator of things to come.

It is my believe that the zodiac wheel represents all areas and aspects of life. Each planet , and luminary, such as the sun and moon, have distinct energies, and a Zodiac sign ( or two ) associated with them, as well as a house.

So for example….Jupiter is the planet of values, beliefs, good fortune, travel, and expansion. Where you see Jupiter in your chart you can expect these energies to follow. Jupiter rules the 9th house, of higher knowledge, philosophy and wisdom. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign ruling the 9th house and Jupiter is the planet that rules them both.

So an easy way to think of the relationship is like this…

Planet – the energy

Zodiac sign– how those energies form into traits

House– where those traits play out in your life.

Making sense of it all….

So if your natal blueprint has your core essence embedded in it… your solar return has the essence of the upcoming year, depending on the interplay of your natal planets as well as the current or transiting planets. You don’t lose your core planets energies, but think of your solar return as a filter that is applied over the top.

For instance, your rising sign, also known as your ascendant, has a planetary ruler, and this ruler is said to influence your entire chart, meaning if Virgo is your rising sign, Mercury is your planetary ruler, so your life will have an over arching sense of order, focus and attention to detail and a knack for communication, as Mercury rules over communication of all forms.

If in your solar return chart, your rising sign is Libra, so your planetary ruler is the Venus, your upcoming year is going to have a lot of Venusian influence, such as beauty, luxury, abundance, love, relationships and being open to receiving. This translates to… you might step into a new partnership, or refine the ones you currently have, you might open up to a creative way to be abundant, or that you might just start to enjoy the finer things in life, whatever that looks like to you.

I could go more in depth about how the planets influence each other, but that gets very detailed and has a lot of nuance. But I will say that some aspects as more harmonious and flowing, and some are more challenging and meant to expand you.

But they are all happening for your growth and evolution of your soul over your lifetime.

A solar return reading will bring great insight to the year ahead. Check out the link below if you are interested in learning more.


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