The Psychology of Astrology

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As you may know, there is a ton of astrology info out there, sometimes it seems like almost too much. Everyone has a different spin on it, which is one of the things which makes it so dynamic and versatile, you can get a totally different take on your natal chart just by having two different astrologers read it.

Which is cool.

But you know what I think is cooler? Knowing how all of these moving pieces in the sky that make up our natal charts ,work together and influence our day to day life via our energy. As I have mentioned before, energy is everything. Energy is literally the prana, or life force running through you and everyone else. Heck it’s running through everything in the universe! Your energy is your internal guide to what you love, because feel lit up, to what scares you, because you get that funny feeling or what is a heck no in your body, because just no.

I get daily updates from a certain astrologer that I really click with, he has a totally different approach based on the 30 degrees, or steps as he calls them, of the current zodiac transit. It’s really fascinating and totally new and different, but what gets me is that I will wake up feeling in a certain energy, sometimes its more ego based, with the mind running in circles, some days it’s more heart centered and calm, and sometimes I just want to run away, or hide etc etc etc… I very rarely wake up feeling the same energy. I use to think it was just crazy old me, but now after following the Siruis Joy updates, his reading will almost 99% of the time be spot on in validating how my energy is feeling. His name is Christopher Wictecki, and the app is called Siruis Joy, I highly recommend it.

But what it really got me to understand is that the interplay between the planets has an immense impact on us here on earth and once I become aware of it, it helped release the “jeez whats wrong with me today ” vibe that I can sometimes fall into if I wake up in a less then desirable energy state. You just learn to go with the flow of that days energies, choosing to respond to it how you see fit. You can meet the day with a bit more awareness, knowing that even if you don’t have control over the planets, you have control over how to react to situations they could be influencing. Which is true in all of life. I always like to say in my readings, we humans were created with free will. You may have a few less then perfect planetary placements, but it is up to you to make the choices of how to deal with them for your ultimate growth and expansion. Same goes for positive planetary placements. Even if you Jupiter is in your 10th house in a trine with your Mercury, doesn’t mean you will automatically become a millionaire New York Times bestseller if you don’t choose to do the work. 🙂

Which leads me into my fav topic about astrology, how it effects us and what we can do about it in our every lives. Honestly, I am less interested in all the technical jargon about what asteroid is squaring whom, and for how long, and the like. What gets me is how we take that knowledge ” natal mars squaring transiting sun, opposing current moon in Capricorn” and turn into this… “you may feel an extra dose of energy behind your passion project, this is a great time to really buckle down and write out your business plan you have been putting off”.

That is what I want to bring to people, the practical application of astrology. The psychology behind the energy and how to use it.


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